The tutor we found through Language Skills Therapy has fundamentally changed my son’s life.  Not only has his reading improved, but his desire to read has grown exponentially.  He no longer gets frustrated and gives up on reading or writing assignments.  But the most important change in my son is his confidence.  He now has confidence in himself that has positively impacted every aspect of his life.  

The intake process for Language Skills Therapy was very easy!  We have been working with our tutor for 1.5 years and I am grateful to her everyday for all the skills she has taught my son.  I highly recommend Language Skills Therapy!

--  Suzanne T.


It would be nearly impossible to overstate the academic improvement, as well as the very positive psychological and emotional growth and the over-all confidence that our daughters have experienced since they began tutoring with our LST tutor.  While the results speak for themselves, we believe that the success of our girls in learning math and reading skills is more nuanced than simple quantitative measurement would reflect.  Our daughters look forward to going.  They are proud and confident. 

What is more important is that their progress is objective, measurable, and life changing.  Now they read books to us at bedtime or at least help to read the more difficult books.  They are genuinely more confident in math and reading, and for our younger daughter the alphabet, sounds, and many words.  They are not at the top of their classes, and may not be, but the academic progress they have made in just about 16 months is astounding.  They are both much happier and more confident at school and at home.

-- Scott and Kristin B.