Language Skills Therapy

Language Skills Therapy

Language Skills Therapy is a group of approximately twenty-five educational therapists who are individually matched to their students. Our office is in Beaverton, but our therapists work throughout the greater Portland area. We work with our students during mutually agreed upon times including before school, during the school day and after school. Therapy usually extends through part of the summer.


Our Mission

Since 1960, Language Skills Therapy has offered remedial therapy and evaluation for individuals with developmental Dyslexia (Specific Language Disability).  We receive referrals from pediatricians, ophthalmologists, psychiatrists, clinical psychologists, school personnel, parents and other concerned individuals.


We approach dyslexia believing

"The differences are personal;
The diagnosis is clinical;
The treatment is educational;
The understanding is scientific"

From "The Many Faces of Dyslexia", 1988 (written by Margaret Byrd Rawson and Roger Earle Saunders)


My son, Tim, was tutored through Language Skills Therapy for two years when he was in third and fourth grade. It changed everything for him. He went from being a bright and frustrated student, to being a bright and competent student. His new skills allowed him to do well in the rest of elementary and high school, double major in college, and continue to help him, now, in graduate school. Thanks for the enormous boost, Language Skills Therapy.

- Linda B.

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