Getting Started


Scheduling and Fees

At Language Skills we work very hard to keep our services affordable. This is why we staff our office part-time, and it can take awhile to make a connection with our coordinator.

Our coordinator will find a therapist who can work with your student. The therapist will contact you and the two of you will determine if your schedules mesh.

There is a one time placement fee when you and a therapist have agreed upon tutoring. The therapist will give you the invoice at your first meeting.

After placing your student with a therapist, your student will need to work with his or her therapist two or three times a week in order to make progress. This educational therapy session is individualized to the student. Planning time is included in the cost of each session.


We realize that this can be an unexpected burden to many families, and we have made available scholarships to subsidize the cost of therapy. Scholarships are awarded on financial need and are renewable for two years of therapy.