Orton-Gillingham Training & Intern Program

This is an ongoing program … You can begin anytime


Joining this program is a two stage process.  

Joining this program is a two stage process.  

First, you will join Language Skills Therapy as a Tutor Intern.
Second, you will complete the Orton-Gillingham coursework and practicum.

The goal is to complete the requirements of the Language Skills Therapy Orton- Gillingham Program and become a full member of Language Skills Therapy.


A Bachelor’s Degree from an accredited institution in any area of study.

Why become a Tutor Intern with LST?

Language Skills Therapy is a group of Orton-Gillingham based tutors which has been working in the Portland area since 1960. Simply put, we are an Orton-Gillingham Tutoring co-operative. We work independently, and come together under LST to have a support staff, group insurance, continuing education and collegiality.

Our Orton-Gillingham Tutor Training program is designed to provide ongoing support and mentoring for tutors learning this method of reading and spelling instruction, and for those joining LST as Interns to become full members upon completion of the program. On the practical side, LST provides professional and liability insurance for its members and interns which is required to work in many school settings and is essential when working alone in the field.

The Academic Program

Language Skills Therapy is working with David Katz, a teaching fellow of the Academy of Orton-Gillingham Practioners and Educators (DavidKatzTutor.com). David will work with Interns directly throughout the program and be available for questions and concerns. LST members will also be available for questions and assistance. LST has a deep pool of seasoned and qualified members to help interns over the hurdles of learning Orton Gillingham.

In a nutshell:

David Katz provides the training.  
LST provides additional mentoring, structure and community.   

What’s the first step?

  1. Complete the Language Skills Therapy OG Training & Intern Application.

  2. The LST board member will schedule an interview to determine our program’s suitability for you. We will explain our group and how we operate to make sure we are all in agreement as to our mutual objectives and expectations.

  3. Questions?  Contact Karrie Marsh at karrie@chariotsonfile.com   or  503.810.2862

LST Program Coordinator:  Karrie Marsh

Revised 2/3/2019